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Software project collapse: modeled after motor neuron disease


It's an antipattern:

They say by the time the motor neuron disease sufferer feels he has difficulty of moving his arm, 70% of his arm's neurons already have been destroyed.

It's the same with the software project or software team: the higher management, as it happens most of time, ignores structured communication with the software team, by the time they realize that the project or the team cannot function anymore, 70% of it is in irreparable damage.

The deployment bias may explain it: unlike the system deployment, building or preserving capability is firmly considered as a non-profit-making thing and therefore as an annoying cost, not as value.

It is not surprising that it's often happening. What is shoking is its surreal scale: I have seen a number of time that half or more of the engineers would be trasferred or simply resign, without the amount of work being reduced, and the direct management just one level up would keep giving orders, being totally oblivious to the fact that there is no-one there anymore listening.


March 2018