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My resume in MS Word .doc format



Vsevolod Vlaskine


E-mail: vlaskine@yahoo.com




Skills summary


12 years of experience as a Software Engineer in software design for telecommunications:


§          Object-Oriented design, real-time systems, embedded systems, telecom; financial protocols and applications

§          Extensive experience in:

o         Software technologies (OOD, modern C++, Python, SDL, etc)

o         Telecom technologies (GSM/GPRS, Bluetooth, Group Communication Services, etc)

o         Embedded systems (mostly ANSI C)

§          Small-team and project lead; strong understanding of SW process

§          Strong commitment to quality and delivering on time

§          Bachelor of Computer Science (Moscow State University, 5-year course, 1990-1995)



Operating Systems: LINUX, UNIX, Windows, micro kernels

Languages: C, C++ (modern C++, generic programming, policy-based design, etc), Python, Java 2, J2ME; SDL, TTCN; HTML, XML; SQL, Pro*C; shell scripting, etc

Telecom protocols and standards: GSM/GPRS protocols; AT-commands; TMN; OSI; Internet protocols; ITU-T: M, V, Z, X series etc; Group Communication Services: Virtual Synchrony, Extended Virtual Synchrony, Spread, etc; Bluetooth protocols and profiles; RFID; USB HID; OBEX etc.

SW tools, IDE, libraries: MS VC++, Eclipse, SlickEdit, Telelogic SDL; make, bjam; C++ Boost; STL; wxWidgets; etc

SW testing: C++ Boost unit test; TTCN test tools; simulators; protocol sniffers and analyzers, etc;

SW process and management: MS Project, Telelogic DOORS; PVCS, Subversion; SW process methodologies: ISO9000, CMM, Agile Methodologies (Crystal Family, eXtreme Programming, Scrum, Pattern Languages, Lean Development) etc.

Computer science and mathematics: object-oriented approach, generic programming, complexity theory, graph theory, machine learning, data mining, quantitative finance, etc.


Platforms: PC, HP 9000, Mitsubishi Renesas CPUs, ARM CPUs

Testing equipment: Target test systems for embedded applications: Renesas development boards, GSM phones, GSM/GPRS modules; Infineon and CSR Bluetooth development environment; protocol analyzers and sniffers (Tektronix, FTS for Bluetooth) etc





Professional experience summary




Position held


July 2005 – present

Zomojo, Sydney , Australia


Senior Software Engineer

Real-time financial applications for Linux: C++, policy-based design, generic programming, Boost, Spread, wxWidgets, Subversion, quantitative finance, machine learning, etc

Jan 2005 – July 2005

Creative System Professionals Pty Ltd/Transtech, http://www.transtech.net.au Sydney/Melbourne, Australia


Development of HW drivers, kernel, and application for a Renesas CPU-based embedded 24/7 mobile system (eBox: http://www.transtech.net.au/ebox.shtml): GSM/GPRS, GPS, etc

Jan 2001 – Nov 2004

GigaWaveTech (Pte) Ltd (Schmidt Electronics Group), Singapore http://www.schmidtelectronics.com

Senior Software Engineer

Full system development cycle and qualification of Bluetooth and GSM/GPRS-related protocols and applications for real-time embedded software; SW process; project lead; etc.

May 1999 - Dec 2000

Siemens Mobile Phones, Denmark


Software Engineer

Design, implementation, testing and integration of GSM protocols for mobile phones (Layer 2, Layer 3)

Aug 1996 - May 1999

Telesoft Ltd. (Russia-Italy), Moscow


Senior Software Engineer

Design, implementation, testing and integration of blocks and modules of telecom network management systems




Education and training







Moscow State University , Faculty of Computing Mathematics and Cybernetics

Bachelor (Hon) equivalent (recognized by ACS)

Mathematics and Computer Science: discrete mathematics, complexity theory, optimization theory, graph theory etc

Aug-Nov 1996

4-month (ca. 450 hours) in-house training at “Telesoft Russia “( Moscow ) and 1-month traineeship in "Telesoft Italia S.p.a." ( Naples )


o         UNIX

o         SQL, Oracle

o         C, C++, SDL

o         Quality assurance

o         Basics of telecom

1996 onwards

various training courses


SW design technologies, SW testing, telecom protocols, object-oriented design, quality assurance, etc




My resume in MS Word .doc format




©1999-2008 Vsevolod Vlaskine

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