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syllables: although seemingly asemic, syllables are not such, since asemic assumes "having no specific semantic content", "a vacuum of meaning which is left to the reader to fill in and interpret"; while syllables are in the first place a methodical record of the body moving through a landscape, mapping the body onto landscape; rendering meaning to the physicality of our presence, informed and coloured by the highly symbolic light of the full moon; it perhaps is more than asemic writing, since it does not invent, but just records; it perhaps is more than automatic writing, too, since it does not attempt to discover subconscious content or superficial semblances, but reads aloud the concrete poems of the body

bodyweather: mappings of the body onto a landscape derived from a series of basic butoh exercises given to me by the choreographer and dancer    tess de quincey

moondance: a dance piece based on short temporal sequences of syllables project, further explored in the bodyweather study, and fields of the ink writing series