the following images are mappings
of the body onto a landscape
the movement was derived
from a series of basic
butoh exercises
given to me
by the choreographer and dancer
t e s s   d e   q u i n c e y

although the images are photos
they are meant to remove
the photographic medium
as a frame of reference
without imitating pen
or brush strokes
but converging
and conversing
with them

the images strive to remove any
conscious or unconscious effort
and are not meant to be evocative
of any subconscious content
as in the automatic writing
or of missing meaning
as in the asemic one

apart from choosing the location
my intervention was limited
to setting the exposure
and aiming the camera
at the source of light
which literally turns
into a pin-hole camera
through which the irradiation
of the body movement
is projected onto
the darkness

de quincey gave me
one exercise at a time
the content and order
of them did not have
to make sense to me
or relate to the notions
of light or writing

i practiced the movements at night
taking photos and keeping a diary
once i felt the exercise
was exhausted
i would ask
for the next

the process would
consist of a few kinds
and layers of writing

f i r s t  it would be
a written down outline
of the exercise already
transposing movement
into a script

t h e n  the light would record
my physical movement at the level
not accessible to me consciously
and yet intentional and not

a n o t h e r  layer of writing
would be formed by perceptual
qualities of the photos regardless
their physical origin

a n d  t h e n  i would also
keep a conventional diary
of my subjective

b i s o k u   h a n d s
seat yourself comfortably
splay both hands open wide
as far as possible and then
clench them a few times
to see how differently
the hand feels
in both extremeties
then do the same
but whilst
one hand is splayed
then other is clenched
consider it
a never-ending movement
try different speeds
now do the same but this time
at maximum speed
of 1mm per second
do it at this speed for 5 minutes
you can have your eyes open
or closed at any time
you can also expand this exercise
to simultaneously open and close
the mouth at the same speed

1 0   p o i n t s   p o s i t i o n
the whole body unfettered
not carrying stuff
stand and feel
the space
around you
in front
then observe your
vertical standing body
as a point in the space
then choose a new point
and go to it and again feel
how this point in space feels
and how it compares
to the previous point
continue for 10 points

f o o t n o t e s

1 0   p o i n t s   d u r a t i o n
repeat the exercise
exploring the space
through the points
but this time choose
the duration
3-10 seconds
you will stay
at the next point
when you chose it
take 10 points
then write down
anything you noticed

1 0   p o i n t s   s p e e d
next on top of all the other choices
add the choice of a particular speed
on the trajectory to the next point
again take 10 points
then write down
anything you

f o o t n o t e s

1 0   p o i n t s   g o a l
then beside all the other choices
choose where your eyes will focus
en route to the next point
again take 10 points
then write down
anything you

t r a c e
any surface with a point on your body
either one to one or in another
scale relationship

n o t e
i chose to lick
the outline of the moon
with the tip of my tongue

© vsevolod vlaskine 2012


this project is a part of Cross-artform and interdisciplinary projects by SNO and has been assisted by the Federal Government through the Australian Council, its Arts Funding and Advisory Body