the site

the reflections
of the corrugated wall opposite
have been in making for half a century:
being a very thick liquid
that flows down extremely slowly
counting decades
glass forms two-sided shapes
recently replaced windows
have lost their memory
and do not have
such reflections anymore

the corrugated metal sheets
in their pure practicality
of maintaining rigidity
shape the stripes
of light and darkness
in the harsh australian sun
in a stark contrast
to the fluidity of their images
in the glass

the sun comes only at a certain hour
of a certain time of the year
between two parallel walls
and the whole layout of the place
with its gaps becomes
a sun dial and a calendar

even if you walk slowly
you hardly would notice the reflections
since they change too fast as you walk
you need to stop to see
but there is no reason to stop there

it is not an accident
that the images resemble
ghostly scenes
or bizarre vegetation
or fairy-tale landscapes
because any regularity
placed in an in-between state
of pairs of layers
produces language
and generates symbols
and the rhythm makes time
at many scales

cockatoo island
a rock in sydney harbour
finds itself in the gap
between heritage ruins
and industrial dump
between land and sea of course
between preservation and desolation
these kind of places
inevitably speak

vsevolod vlaskine : hourglass : 2009